What is the next thing I can do?

I have a hypothetical scenario for you:  You have an event coming up in your life relating to your chosen passion.  It’s just around the corner and you’re hugely excited.  This is it, this could be the making of an incredible new life and it’s almost here!

You dream of people flocking to your door wanting to know who you are and can we have some more please.  That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Then the event happens and reality gives you a rather unwarranted (well, it may seem that way) kick up the backside as you realise you haven’t hit the big time.  Okay maybe you sold a few books/paintings/photographs, but you are still sat at home and your phone/email is as quiet as it used to be.  Now what?

Wind back to just before the event.  If you have some free time dedicate it to answering these questions; ‘what if this doesn’t launch my career?’ and ‘What is the next thing I can do to get people to notice me?’

After the event there is a possibility you could disappear into a funk because after all your hard work, nothing happened.  Setting time aside beforehand will help prepare you if it didn’t go to plan.

So after being absent from my blog for quite a while you are probably wondering, why this and why now?  I have a secret.  I have been getting into photography in the last few months.  Next week (19-23 August) I will be taking part in an exhibition in London.  I’m really excited and nervous about it.  It could be great or it could be a damp squib.  Here’s hoping for the former.  If it is the latter, I need to be better prepared than I am now.

Throwing Off My Mental Shackles

So there I am in my local bookshop browsing away when I happen to listen in on a conversation.  A man and a woman were discussing their Christmases. With my over-active imagination, it sounds like they are tired of living to excess.  Parties galore are a thing of recent past.  They move on and talk about presents and walks and friends and happiness.

That’s when the feeling of inadequacy hits me.  The questions arise; what did I do for Christmas? Where have I been, what have I done?  The answer, not a lot.  On the surface that is the case, anyway.

When I returned to the flat, I took the time to think about what I have done.  Some might consider it too much, others, not enough.  Whatever they think, by comparing myself I risk losing my sanity.

I am who I am, but there are times when I’m not always comfortable with that.  I strive to better myself but I am in danger of destroying myself in the process.  This year has seen a dramatic change in my life.  From a man who was little more than a hermit two years ago, I found myself going out countless times.  Next year, I have plans to change my life once more.  As I have learned though, plans are no good if you don’t set them in motion.

I’d like to end now with a phrase found in a fortune cookie

‘The greatest battles are that with our own minds.’

Take care everyone, wishing you all a happy new year, wherever you are.