Rituals are used by writers to make ourselves feel comfortable.  We sit in a favourite chair, we start writing at the same time every day, or at least we hope to!  Perhaps we used a favoured pen or pencil.  For all you newbies out there, these are the tools writers used before computers.

So what are my rituals?  Well it depends on what I plan to do.  When writing a story, I type on the computer and I usually start around 6p.m. on most evenings.  There are several reasons for this; I live in a small flat, so I do not have the space.  I type nearly twice as fast as I write and I can look back and edit my work safe in the knowledge that I can make a copy when I wish.  I start writing at 6 p.m. because my brain has finished dealing with the thoughts of the day and is ready for something different, something imaginative, something taxing.

On smaller pieces such as character profiles, plotlines, short stories and such, I like to lay down on my sofa with a pen and a piece of paper.  Using both methods, I feel I can relate to the past and the future.  There is something so natural about writing with a pen, and yet writing on a computer is more convenient.  Maybe one day I’ll favour one over the other, but for now, I’m comfortable with the way things are.

There is one thing that both rituals require; I value quiet when I’m writing.  I’ve tried writing when there is noise around, but I work better when the place I am in, is devoid of noise.  As there are no anechoic chambers near me, I have to employ other methods to reduce noise levels.

Now that I’ve told you my rituals, why don’t you tell me what you do?  I’d love to hear how other people approach the same problem.