Which genre should I pick?  They all look so good, but which one suits me best?

Like shopping for clothes, you will not know which genre is best for you so why not give them all a try?  Some you might want to rule out straight away.  If you are drawn to horror or a murder mystery, writing comedy might feel awkward for you.  However, know that the definition of each genre is not immovable.  You can add an element of romance to your murder mystery.  For example, your detective could fall in love with one of the suspects.

Maybe you want to add some humour to your horror novel, which is where dark or grim humour comes from.

Genres are great for letting your audience know what to expect before buying the book.  Yet we are seeing books coming out that defy the genres that are traditionally laid out.  You could be the next author to combine two or more genres into something incredible.  The only way to find out, is to do it.

Some of most beloved authors defied the genres they were best known for.  The only way they felt they could do this was publishing under a pseudonym.  If it is too much for you to release material in different genres under the one name, why not give yourself a new one?  After all, no one remembers Samuel Langhorne Clemens but Mark Twain is another matter.