The Pink Salamander has landed!

What I threatened a few months ago has finally come to pass (probably before Christmas but I’m not too sure!), The Pink Salamander is here, yay!  You can read it here The Pink Salamander or you can navigate via the menu on the right.

So what was the inspiration behind it?  Well its a strange one really, I recall the title popping into my head not long after I had woken up one morning.  A Pink Salamander was so unusual that, at first, I dismissed it.  I then decided otherwise and went with it.

I took me a while to write it but far longer to edit.  I’m glad I did as the first draft was mainly dialogue.  Dialogue works well in your head but does not make for great reading.

I hope you like it.



Inspiration, or “Where do you get your ideas from, anyway?”

So I’ve been asked this question a few times and I thought it was about time I start addressing it.  How do you get from ironing to a story about dismembering people?  Well I’ll tell you.

One Sunday I was ironing my shirts for the following week (I do it in the morning, gives me time to relax and let go) and I went to the shirt away.  Pulling open the wardrobe, I saw all these items of clothing and a thought occurred.  What if instead of changing pieces of fabric everyday, people changed bodies?

The urge to write became so intense that I put the shirt away, grabbed a pen (I swear I have about a dozen but they like avoiding me), my new writing book (let’s be honest here, it’s an A4 sheaf of hard-bound lined paper.  Looks nice but blank paper will suffice) and started writing.

As my story was evolving, my iron was gently clicking away reminding me I had chores to do, it didn’t work.  Sure enough, I lost track of time and if it wasn’t for those pesky chores I would have finished it in one go.

Saying that, after finishing my ironing I went back and added the last half.  Within the space of half an hour I had typed it up and printed it off.  Now was the time to pull it apart and edit it.  Having done so, it quickly got added to the website in the shape of the story called ‘Clothing.’  If you’re interested, click on the link or just scroll down to the previous post.