What is an introvert anyway?

Some of you may have been wondering why I have link to a website dedicated to introversion.  That’s because I am an introvert myself.  But what does that even mean?

The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is how we get our stimulation.  Introverts mainly get their stimulation from within.  Extroverts get theirs, from others.  Extroverts like to be the ‘life and soul of a party’, while introverts like time alone.

Now I’m not saying that introverts are loners and despise contact with others, oh no.  Introverts have small groups of friends who they have deep and meaningful connections with.  We even go out from time to time, but we need a little time alone so that we can wind down and absorb everything that has happened.

For us, over-stimulation can be exhausting.  It can make us feel tired and worn out.  Extroverts on the other hand, would find being alone boring.  Extroversion and introversion are at the opposite ends of a sliding scale.  Depending on how we feel, who we are with and where we are, our behaviour changes.

So for those of you wondering why you don’t seem to fit in with this world geared towards the extrovert, why not have a look at Quietrev.com.  It may help you to discover the real you.