Your Greatest Fear

You know that thing you want the most, the one thing you know will make your life immeasurably better?  Well some smart-alec went and did a very silly thing.  You see that cave over there?  That scary looking one, the one with ominous sounds coming out of it.  The place that is so scary you daren’t even dream about.  Well, it’s in there.

Sure grab a torch, maybe a friend or two that might help.  Oh, did I mention your greatest fear is in there too?  How silly of me.  They’re side-by-side and yeah I know, its your worst enemy, your Achilles heel, but imagine how happy you’d be if you got that prize.

So why not go for it after all nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If that didn’t convince you, ask yourself this question; how many adventure stories do you know of where the hero got the prize on page 10?

P.S. It doesn’t count if the prize was taken away only for the adventure to continue.