The Night Manager (Episode 3)

After watching last night’s episode I have come to the conclusion that it was predominantly about liaisons and testing loyalties.  Now that Pine is inside Roper’s group he needs to alter the balance of power so he can have more access.

Treading carefully, Pine must move from being the pariah of the group into one with power.  The best way to do that is the eliminate his rival, Major Corcoran.  In doing so Pine aligns himself with some intriguing characters.  With their unwitting help, as well as Angela and her team assisting, Pine is able to sideline the threat and come up smelling of roses.

While the main plot is evolving a sub-plot is taking shape, one which threatens to undo all Pine’s hard work.  Inter-agency rivalry (MI6, CIA et al) is beginning to make itself felt. Some members of the aforementioned intelligence services are jealous of Angela and her team and will do anything to take over the operation.  What is doubly surprising is that at least one of the agencies is passing intelligence to Roper directly.

Over the last three hours the story has unfolded gently enabling the viewer to get their teeth into each character.  Murder, suicide, adultery, cynicism, naivety and even a dash of self-loathing have had their part to play.  Relationships, both personal and professional, feel the strain and start to dissolve.  These characters, including Richard Roper, feel vulnerable and perfectly human.  It makes me wonder where the story will go next.

As always, the acting has been solid throughout.  Hugh Laurie is excellent as Roper.  The mix of bully, sneak, liar and arrogant philanthropist has been captured perfectly.

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